Sea Lions, Signage, and Logos Oh My!

I interviewed for a local theme park job a few weeks ago. I took the time to design a logo for the park to demonstrate my capabilities on matching existing themes and styles.

Below are 3 Images: A photo of signage on their property, a graphic from thier website, and the “Seafari Pass” logo creation I took to the interview.

The interview didn’t pan out with a job but this logo design is defiantly worth sharing.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Social Trendencies

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The Check-In App Battle

After visiting The Apple Store in Walnut Creek, CA to do a warranty replacement of my iPhone 3G I decided to eliminate applications that didn’t deserved to remain on the device. I have accumulated multiple check-in location apps, with Foursquare being the latest, and none have really reigned supreme. I decided I would put all the apps on my iPhone’s main page and pit them against each other. The Check-In Battle will face off between Foursquare, Gowalla, Brightkite, Loopt, Yelp, Twitter and with a surprise contender at the end.

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Commented on “The Case For a Mac App Store”

I can see both sides of the coin on this issue. There are some benefits and drawbacks to a “Mac App Store” but I think more beneficial reasons to put it in place then not.

Apple’s discontinued support for the “” portal for Mac OS X software is a lost resource for a growing community of users. I believe this is a sign that Apple has reallocated personnel to transition onto it’s new software marketplace. This could be another added revenue stream to Apple’s ever-expanding coffers. Think of the pervious models Apple has successfully implemented into hugely successful billion dollar markets. Revenue sharing would be part of the bargain to get your apps to millions of pre-existing itunes users, maybe something like the 70/30 split we’ve recently seen. Cross platform software could even exploded under this model if Apple were to implement a coding language that could be distributed across multiple platforms. Think of and App that would run on PC, Mac, iPhone & iPad, that would be gold.

You can’t put the Genie back in the bottle. Internet distributed software is here to stay, developers will always be able to offer products for the Mac or other PC’s for free or paid online without being walled into a store model. Apple or other software manufactures would be swiftly included into anti-trust class action lawsuits for pulling the rug out from under all it’s existing customers. Horribly bad business practice and any attempt would be completely futile. This rumored “Mac Software App Store” would have to be completely voluntary. The benefits would have to sell itself.

I don’t believe Apple could handle screening or approving every Application for Mac OS X that came through the gates of the App Store. We are talking about an exponential growth in code that would be have to checked. I’m sure they have custom software to put the applications through a rigorous tests and benchmarks for standards, other than Xcode. However if they did have “Apple Verified” Applications that would be another added bonus to the quality and stability of the App’s.

Apple already collects crash reports on every Mac OS X app, This information could be directed back through the iTunes Connect feature directly to developers. Updating your Applications folder could be a much simpler process included with the same process of updating your iPhone. If a Developer introduces new code the iPhone App and Mac App would require each other to be up-to-date to implement new features or fix bugs from out-of-date issues.

The iPhone/iPad Apps Model is the new favored distribution for Apple. Anyone oblivious that iPhone/iPad features are trickling down into Mac OS X releases will be pleasantly surprised when Apple reveals it’s next “magical” device.

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